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Item No:FS-731
  • Includimg:  3"+4"+S5"+6" 
  • Metal Type:  Ceramic 
  • Handle:  Bamboo 
  • Finished:  Mirror
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    Product Details:

    Lasting sharp,never need sharpening.

    Considerate design,convenient for use.

    Small and portable,easy to carry,but do not break the elegant outline.
    Comfortable for grasping,The blade is selected from precsion ceramic materials,glittering and translucent.

    The blade is given sanding processing,the edge is processed as twill,and the blade surface is anti-spilling and anti-sticking.

    The fine grinding processing of multi-channel edges makes the edges lasting sharp,look more cutting and thinner,
    promoting the aesthetic feeling of outline.

    The ergonomics design achieve the pefect outline and practicability.