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Item No:6001-15

Type: Pocket Knife

Blade: 3 1/4" Zicornia

Handle: 4 1/2" Aluminum (Blue Bone Inlay)

Application: Combat Knife

Finished: Mirror 

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Product Details:

●Your Ceramic knife is designed as a precision cutting tool.Ideal for use in the field for skinning and dressing game. Excellent for
  straight cuts of fruits,vegatables,boneless meats,paper and rope.
●Ceramic knives are very sharp but are not intended for chopping and cutting hard items such as bone,staples,or frozen products.
●Do not use your knife to pry or in applications that require flexing or twisting.
●Avid dropping your knife on hard surfaces.

●Hand wash with water and liquid dish soap.Do not wash in the dishwasher.
●Always store your Folding Knife in the closed position.Store your Rigid Blade knife in is sheath for proper protection.